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Nov 18, 2018


Today, we are living in a digital era where technology plays an important part in almost every part of human life, and that includes workplace. As we can see, the advances in technology are on par with the demand and expectation from the workplace. It means, for whatever need that a worker may have to finish their job, there is something out there that can answer that need.

The thing is, not every company manages to keep up and use the latest technology to support their employees. Is this going to be a problem? Yes, it is. Why?

Let’s see it this way. This is a digital era where people have more flexibility in how and where they are going to do their job. The millennials are looking for a more flexible way to do their job. They don’t want to just sit around from 9 AM to 5 PM in their office. They want more flexibility and technology could give that.

When a company fails to meet that demand, they are likely won’t able to attract the top talent from the younger generation. They need to do something about it and keeping up with the latest technology is the answer.

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How is this going to work? Start with this:

- Build collaboration between people from HR and IT department.

HR people have more insight on the worker habits, needs, job responsibility and so on, while IT people is the one that decides what kind of technology products to buy. Building collaboration between these two departments means that the IT people will buy the right kind of tool and product that was really needed by other workers.

- Give the right tool based on job responsibilities and job habits

The idea here is that people with different job responsibilities and job habits require a different kind of technology product. That is obvious because marketing sales require something different from an analyst. This is something that the company really needs to know. They can’t just go out to purchase several laptops with the same specification and hand them over to workers that work in a different area that obviously have different need and different job habits.

Every technological product that was given to the workers needs to be tailored to the workers need and habits, or else, it is just going to waste money and have little effect on increasing work productivity.

- Be more flexible on how, where, and when!

What does it mean? It means that working hours should be more flexible. Remember that this is the era of technology. Technology allows the employer and employees to communicate through various means of communication. Employees that work remotely have become more common this day.

The company should give more flexibility in working hours and working place. Younger generation loves the idea of being able to work remotely and allow the automated system to free most of their time. This will bring the balance in productivity and the quality of personal life, which is a good strategy to put for any company who wish to attract more Millennial to apply to their company.

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