How Artificial Intelligence work on Diversifying Human Thinking



Nov 17, 2018


What kind of impact that artificial intelligence (AI) will have into the way human think and live their lives? Is it really as scary as in the fiction movie where AI will take over and replace human, or do human will be able to find a way to work side by side in harmony with AI?

When it comes to AI and the use of it in the human workplace, there seems like no shortage of debate about it. Some people are afraid of having AI taking over human worker while other people think that AI will be a great help for human, in fact, it may help to diversify human thinking. How is that possible?

AI will Expand Cognitive Diversity inside a Group

Intellectual and cognitive diversity now holds more value than before. Traditionally, a company will bring like-minded people to work together on a project. That is no longer the case right now. People with different background along with AI will be able to bring a different kind of approach to a project. Having a different kind of perspective to work on a project will bring a faster, higher-impact, and more effective decision for the sake of the group.

AI can Increase Employee Engagement

AI has the potential to assess the employee’s skill and innovation priorities. From the assessment result, AI will be able to suggest an activity to boost employee’s creative thinking. This will create the sense that the company is very attentive to their people, which is part of the strategy to increase employee satisfaction. At the same time, it also will increase the employee engagement.

AI Allow Teams to be more Productive

With the help from AI, employees no longer have to focus to the tedious and repetitive task. With more free time in hand, employees able to focus on the more important aspect of their job. They can focus more on communication, innovation, and strategic thinking.

By being able to spend more time with team and colleagues, people will build a better and deeper relationship, which will create a stronger team. A stronger team usually able to work better, thus helping to increase work productivity.

At the same time, we need to start developing the idea that AI is there to help us. Human and AI should work together in harmony as a partner. AI can help to make the team able to reach better and faster decision, which will lead to higher productivity and efficiency. In the long term, it will lead to increase in share and profits.

AI and Multiplicity

Tata Communication runs a new study about AI and they say that AI should be looked as a new kind of intelligence that can complement existing categories of intelligence such as emotional, cognitive, spatial, social, and creative intelligence. What does it mean to have one more category of intelligence?

Adding AI as a new category of intelligence will create multiplicity, where it will complement and enhance cognitive diversity. The combination of all those categories of intelligence will bring a whole new way of work that will benefit all employees and businesses itself.

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