Data Analysis: Beneficial Element for HR



Nov 13, 2018


Feeling not familiar to the scientific and sophisticated approach in the recruitment world? Apparently, this year and probably the upcoming years, everything turns out to be the contrary. The HR is emerging, faster than we ever imagine.

A senior analyst with 20 years experience in the HR world, Josh Bersin, discovered that in 2018, the innovation in the HR world is happening so massive. In his article "HR Technology Disruptions for 2018", Bersin explained the extensive change related closely to technology.

One of them is by utilizing the data analysis.

How Data Analysis Benefits HR

Certainly, it's not without any reason that data analysis mentioned as one of the beneficial elements for those involved in the recruitment world. Furthermore, by data analysis, the employee performance can be measured in relevant areas. Likewise, this accommodates the HR team to observe the new strategy in positioning their employees.

In accordance with the accurate data, even each decision taken by the company can be measured with the proper direction. Also, let's notice how the data analysis could assist the company to examine whether their job vacancy advertisement reached the target or not.

However, this would only be effective if the people involved really comprehend how to draw a conclusion from the data analysis process. Hence, use the HR approach and perspective of a data scientist.

Problem As the Solution

Don't just judge the problems as the obstacle. In contrary, a data analyst would place the problem as the stepping stone to implement the next strategy to prevent such problem.

Moreover, every company suffers a different problem. Hence, put specifically the target of your company. Then, the data analysis can examine the correlation with the related matters.

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Do the Experiment

It's not logical to not applying the result from data analysis as the real experiment tools. Thus, the recruitment team needs to execute the experiment to prove their hypotheses.

Once again, this must be suitable to the company's target respectively. First of all, do the experiment and observe the result. The new discovery could be the tools for the upcoming analysis that will construct another essential conclusion.

It means the recruitment team must be actively looking for the related data to their expertise. Moreover, a recruitment system is a complicated pattern and always exists in every company. Hence, arrange deep research with a small pattern but frequently. Don't just take the big leap because there is always a chance of failure.

How to Handle the Failure?

Don't fear the failure. Moreover, the failure can be essential in learning to be successful. Hence, if your hypotheses are proved wrong and failed during the experiment, find out the way to fix it.

Also, complete your argument with complete data. With all the comprehensive analysis, you will have the medium to undertake any question wandering in their mind.

Most noteworthy, this approach is effective to bring a positive transformation within a company. Absolutely, it won't happen in the blink of an eye. There is a long process to get there. Even the failure could happen more than once.

Indeed, it requires time to surmise all the technological changes happening nowadays. But please keep in mind, it would be a long-term investment for your company. So, if you want to progress and improve, it's worth trying.

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