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Nov 12, 2018


Let's examine the candidates concerning their experience in job-searching? Are they satisfied? Apparently, it's far from that point. Moreover, most of them experienced the complicated and tiring periods throughout the recruitment process.

What could be the proof? iCIMS, a recruitment software company recently interviewed 500 adult employees in their "The Candidate Experience Report" report, released last July. As a result, they recognize that the recruitment process isn't as smooth as expected.

Furthermore, their experience is much simpler when they about to choose series in Netflix or even to shop in Amazon within minutes. Similarly, there are too many third parties sites requiring them to fill the forms many times before eventually submit the resume.

Google for Jobs

Perhaps it's time for the candidates to enjoy the easy access from Google for Jobs. By the feature from the world's largest search engine, the candidate only needs to fill one application form in that site and skip all the complicated phases.

By doing this, we bet it won't be too long until Google for Jobs becomes the most favorite job-search engine for the candidates, and certainly beneficial for the companies.

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Optimizing the Company

Google's algorithm is essentially smart in portraying the searching pattern of someone surfing on the Internet. Hence, Google for Jobs brings your company Ad closer to the right people with the interest to your company.

Let's say the advertisement in Google for Jobs will target the fit segment based on the location, salary, working experience, passion, industry, to the responsibility. Moreover, this will lessen the probability to meet a candidate who isn't suitable. In contrary, the top candidate will come to you.

Thus, make sure that your company really concedes about this. By the concise and complete algorithm, Google can detect and promote your company's job vacancy and draws it closer to the valid candidate.

The More Detail, the Better

Never hesitate to give detail description about the job vacancy. Likewise, the more information you put, the rank of Google search would be more likely to appear your site in the first age.

By Google for Jobs, the candidate can filter the searching result by the criteria that they determine. Hence, there's no need to see the long list of job vacancies for hours and time-consuming. Furthermore, the candidate could insert specifically the desired salary and working hours.

Besides, also utilize the specific and real language to make it easier for your company found by the candidates. Also, use the general terminology in the recruitment world.

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Engaging Content

Most noteworthy, the companies are now competing in more creative ways. Not only relying upon the advertising, but they also try to make appealing content to obtain the candidate attracted to visit their site. Certainly, the content must be authentic and considered necessary.

Above all, the engaging content could initiate people to stay in your site longer, not just clicking and leaving the site in a short time. In particular, the high bounce rates could decrease your rank in Google search result.

Hence, formulate the appealing content regularly that triggers the candidate to type your company site in the address bar. By doing this, you are shortlisting the people who have the similar passion and eager to join your company.

Save the Advertising Budget

Almost 70 percent of candidates browse Google in their computer or laptop whenever they are seeking for a job. Most of the time, the analysis of this pattern requires the specific budget from the company. Moreover, it's also possible the company could spend billions of dollar on the recruitment advertisement.

But it would be different if you can optimize the site to be friendly with Google. Hence, you can save the budget significantly. Therefore, evaluate the impact of your site in Google and how much the candidate aware of your company presence by Google interface. Good luck!

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