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Nov 8, 2018

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Perhaps so far, the annual legal contract review within a company requires more than just one employee, also 360,000 professional working hours. Well, it's exhausting just to imagine it, isn't it?

But now, the revolution is occurring. It's the smart technology called Artificial Intelligence or AI that works like humans. The legal team from JPMorgan Chase & Co utilized Ai to review the legal contract of their company.

The result? Only in less than 3 seconds, the result came out. Above all, they don't need years, months, weeks, or even minutes. By using Artificial Intelligence, there was an algorithm worth the efforts of the employees.

The Zero-Mistake Revolution

Another privilege of Artificial Intelligence isn't only about the speed. Furthermore, the algorithm could be adjusted to the error. If there's any mistake, Artificial Intelligence will review and find out what should be corrected.

Fascinating, right? This is what appears in the working industry, even daily life. Similarly, see how Alexa from Google Home and Amazon Echo that could serve the owner of anything wanders in their mind.

In addition, notice how the self-driven car technology could liberate you from the traffic jam for hours. Moreover, self-driven cars are getting more universal and invading your daily life.

Moreover, perhaps in the upcoming years, you will be more familiar to the grocery store with no staffs at all. Furthermore, all you have to do is interact with the Artificial Intelligence machine and undergo a similar shopping experience just like before.

Likewise, Artificial Intelligence is penetrating all the elements of life, including the working industry.

AI in HR World: Challenge and Opportunity

Certainly, Artificial Intelligence is entering the working industry. First of all, see how unusual future jobs are becoming a part of this life. Despite the changing jobs, the conventional employee concept is also shifting.

Self-employment and casual work are expanding recently. The recruitment world is evolving and getting more related to the digital world.

Let's see how the Russian robot becomes your future interviewer and also other roles. The concept of Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process is believed to deliver a better experience for the candidates.

New Currency for the Candidates

Besides, the change is also happening to the employee candidate. It’s not only the capability and academic achievement, but also emotional intelligence as one of the considerations. Moreover, the sophisticated Artificial Intelligence machines could swallow these capabilities easily in the near future.

Most noteworthy, the human interaction is essential. Besides, the company and recruitment team will measure how the soft skill also becomes the indicator to accept a candidate, especially those who have critical thinking and the capability to deal with complicated problems, would be the favorite candidate.

The study from Deloitte Australia showed the soft-skill based jobs are growing 2,5 times faster than other jobs. Moreover, it's predicted that such job will dominate the 2/3 of the workforce in 2030. Just like how millennials generation will be part of 75 percent world's workforce in 2025.

Cope Up with the Revolution

Now, it's your call to follow the revolution. The current jobs would be surpassed by the Artificial Intelligence's algorithm. Hence, you need to reconsider the current priority of opportunity and challenge.

In accordance with this, HR as the superhero in the recruitment process will gain all the benefits from Artificial Intelligence and ensure the prosperity. Are you ready?

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