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Nov 7, 2018

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Japan is always appealing to be discovered, especially in terms of the workers in the productive ages. Moreover, the Japanese government encourages the worker to get a side job besides the main work.

However, both companies and employees aren't engaged to take a side job. Likewise, Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training conducted a survey and revealed the fact that 75 percent of Japanese company doesn't fancy their employee to do any side job that could distract the main duty.

In accordance with that, there is only 11 percent company who authorizes this practice. Meanwhile, the remaining 8 percent is really okay if the employee arranges the side job. As a matter of fact, this survey was conducted to 2,260 companies with more than 100 employees, from February to March 2018.

Employee Not Interested in Side Job

Likewise, 56 percent or more than half of Japanese workers aren't eager to practice the side job. Moreover, only 23 percent of workers are interested, and the remaining 14 percent feel that they want to add the opportunity through the side job.

Conducted at the same time in 2018, this survey was including 12,355 workers as the participants. Furthermore, this fact is appealing especially comparing it to other countries with increasing freelancers from each year.

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Retirement Age Reaches 70 Years Old

Another issue observed by the Japanese government is the retirement age. Hence, the government plans to add the retirement age to 70 years old. Meanwhile, the global regulation is the company set the retirement age of their employees in 60 years, with the re-employ option until 65.

Absolutely, the government's plan is related closely to the need of elderly workers in Japan. Most noteworthy, this can be implemented only if the elderly workers agree to work longer and the situation is possible.

In a meeting of Council on Investments for the Future, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe planned to release this bill. It means, if it's legal, you can see the workers above 65 at the offices.

The Government's Calculation

Definitely, this policy isn't merely to add the elderly workers' option. The Japanese government also requires to develop a friendly and healthy atmosphere for them to be productive.

By doing this, the government might curb public spending on healthcare. Certainly, with the healthy working system for their physical and mental health, such complaint can be anticipated.

The government's policy calculation also responded by the company. They, especially from the private sector, asked the government to develop the system that could coordinate the elderly workers and their skills to the demands of a company.

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