Employee Engagement Equals to Increased Revenue



Nov 5, 2018

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Never underestimate the significance of employee engagement within a company. In fact, every 5 percent improvement in this sector would contribute to 3 percent increased revenue. As a matter of fact, Aon, the risk consulting company, released this data after conducting the Best Employee annual program in the Philippines.

Certainly, this isn't just established in the blink of an eye. The employee would feel concerned about the company when the company gives them the fundamental respect and appreciation for the hard work. On average, the number reaches 88 percent in the Philippines, higher than the 72 percent average rate worldwide.

Above all, just imagine when you are appreciated in what you are working on. Absolutely, you would be more than content to care about the company. Also, it's possible that you willing to do things outside your duties for the company.

Moreover, the CEO of Aon Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Philippines, Andrew Minnitt, admitted that employee recognition is as important as the monthly salary.

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Challenge for HR

Furthermore, the Society for Human Resource Management released their study showing that this employee engagement issue is the second biggest challenge of HR in the modern era. In addition, the turnover could be higher than the ideal turnover rate.

Still longing for another supporting fact? In 2016, Gallup also revealed the fact that there were just 13 percent employees felt engaged to the company. In their article called The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, this number isn't improving due to many factors.

What are they? Such as the employee's boredom to the job. Moreover, this could be worse if the company doesn't portray the career path there. Hence, the company must arrange precisely the short and long-term collective target.

Similarly, don't just measure this engagement employee issue as an abstract thing. In contrary, this could be generated by the concrete management activity, for example, the clear job description.

Thus, the company requires considering all the crucial elements related to the employees' daily activity. Definitely, this won't be as easy as spreading the survey page and ask them to fill the suggestion column for the company.

Likewise, the leader must prioritize this issue to achieve employee engagement. Why? Over and over, this will trigger their productivity. When this is addressed properly, the company will be the one who gains the benefit.

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