How Introvert Employees Nail the Working Challenge?



Nov 4, 2018

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Have you ever feel nervous to talk in front of people? Or similarly, always failed to deliver an impressive presentation? In fact, aren't these some of the considerations of the workers to be stand out in the office?

Or on the other hand, do you feel tired after meeting a bunch of people in a day? Moreover, you feel exhausted and the urge to take some time alone to revive your energy. If the answers are yes, welcome to the introvert clubs.

Introvert Isn't A Bad Thing

First of all, while you hear the word 'introvert', don't judge that it's a bad thing too soon. In contrary, an introvert really comprehends and thinks deeply what should they say when speaking in a team.

An introvert also has a deep connection to others. Not everyone has this kind of quality, so congratulations! In fact, Forbes even wrote that introverts initiate 50 percent of the quiet revolutions.

So, you are not alone. Besides, we have 5 useful tips to be stand out in the recruitment team and bring you in peace with this trait:

1.Practice More

Practice makes perfect isn't just an empty tagline. For a recruitment team, delivering a presentation is inevitable.

Furthermore, TED popular speaker Susan Cain, an introvert who wrote Quiet Revolution: Unlocking the Power of Introverts admitted that the urge to speak in front of people sometimes made her wants to throw-up.

But Cain suggested the famous quote from Malcolm Gladwell, "Speaking is not an act of extroversion". In fact, there is no correlation to that. That's a performance. And many performers can seize that.

Hence, it's great for you to practice and to write down what to say. And, when you feel nervous, try to practice with your coworkers to gain your confidence. Do it as many times as you like. Also, you might practice with the people who aren't familiar with the topic, like the family members.

2. Deep Research

The second tip is by doing the deep research before meeting the new people to help you portray the situation. Also, it's okay to practice before meeting them. Moreover, by doing this, you could gather the ideas what to say during the conversation.

Next, the proper research and preparation will make it easier for you to guess what could probably become the problem. Hence, you can interact better in a productive way.

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3. Follow-up

Plus, another thing that's familiar for an introvert is forgetting to say something and just remembering it after the conversation or presentation is over. If this happens, don't be reluctant to send the email.

In addition, this approach could be done by individual dialogue, not in a presentation. Either way is effective and will make an introvert person feels satisfied due to the finished task.

4. Plus Point: A Considerate Person

Admit it: an introvert person is way more considerate toward others' feelings compared to the extrovert. Hence, for the introvert belongs to a recruitment team, this is a big deal.

They could create a close relationship with the potential candidate and makes them feel comfortable. Also, the personal touch from an introvert will make the interview going more casual.

But, in order to avoid the bias in measuring the candidate, use this delicate feeling to give them an insight of what role they are applying for, to offer a coffee, or to give them a break after long session.

5. Quick Escape

An introvert will feel exhausted after a series of meeting or presentation. Hence, it's essential to take a quick escape for yourself to help the mind becomes more focus.

You can do this in various ways, let's say by finding the quiet space in the office, or walking around the block by yourself. Adjust the time to your habit.

These 5 useful tips would make introvert feels easier to nail the works by the personal touch that not everyone has. Thus, the success will certainly be part of their future career.

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