3 Easy Steps in Network Building to Get Job Easier



Nov 3, 2018

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Have you ever think what probably is the core problem that makes it difficult for you to find a new job until now? In fact, you have an excellent resume. Moreover, your interview skill is also great. Then, where is the gap?

Perhaps it's time to take a look of your network. Is it already bridging you for a new job? Or, your circle is just similar and won't initiate any possibility for new opportunities?

Indeed, creating the network shouldn't be merely for the personal interest. Actually, here's nothing wrong than establishing a network with as many people as you want, regardless of their background.

Also, what about joining a networking event and introduce yourself to everybody, boasting about your talents? Unfortunately, this will make them hesitate to consider you as part of their collaboration.

Essentially, it's not working like that. Becoming too confident will make you weird and eliminated from the potential circle. Hence, check out these 3 easy steps to build a network hence the easy job opportunities:

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1. No Bragging

The first and foremost requirement to establish the network is by limiting yourself from bragging. Moreover, there's no use in boasting your talents because no one would be interested in all your achievements.

Even if you are graduated from the master degree in prestigious universities or appealing working experiences, that's not what they are looking for.

In contrary, they are looking for a heartfelt friendship with mutual benefits to one another. So, instead of bragging yourself, it would be much better if you assist them in problem-solving.

Engage yourself in an interesting discussion, learn the challenge and problem of others, and offer the solution politely based on your expertise.

2. Be Nice

It's no longer a secret that attitude plays a big role in terms of interaction with others. Hence, the next easy step is to be a nice person. Above all, step aside all the negative characters and your network circle will expand widely.

Be a polite and respectful person, regardless of their profession and position. Also, if you think there's an urge to ask for help, ask politely for them to do you a favor.

Once you've acquired this, others will be glad to help you. For example, by transferring your CV and resume to the hiring managers to be part of their consideration.

Most noteworthy, be a nice person that willing to help others first before you.

3. Make Friends

It's somewhat true that building a network is a great approach to find a new job. The fact is, according to Hubspot, 85 percent of the employers are filling the position in the office by the network.

But it's also way more than that. Making friends is also the opportunity to meet new people and befriend with them forever. But remember, don't just be a friend in order to get a new job. In contrary, build a sincere friendship that would be beneficial for you in the future.

Hence, put aside all your interests to get a new job when you establish a network with others. Above all, build the sincere friendship and be nice. By doing this, success will follow eventually.

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