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Nov 2, 2018

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Working with no boundaries is now trending by adapting the office-sharing concept. The wide open space, comfortable, accommodating all the necessary facilities are here. Also, you will be enjoying by the view and relaxing ambiance.

Furthermore, it's possible that such a concept will be the trending trend. In Tokyo, Japan, the office-sharing concept is widely accepted by the workers. It's WeWork Japan, who provides the channel for office-sharing and welcomed with open arms.

Office-Sharing Innovation

Similarly, the companies are now getting closer to the flexible working concept. Thus, they are no longer must work in a building with cubicle partition. In contrary, anyone could work anywhere as long as they contribute to the company.

WeWork has been operating in 74 cities in 22 countries. So far, the members are 248,000. That’s such a big number in short introductory time, since July 2017.

In February 2018, WeWork released their first office-sharing in Roppongi Ark Hills Complex Tokyo. Next, they established the branches and becoming more popular.

No Boundaries

Those who are practicing the office-sharing concept come from different backgrounds. Also, the business scales vary. It might be an entrepreneur, small, middle, to big companies with multinational clients.

Furthermore, whenever there are unconventional needs, WeWork will respond to it accordingly. Whether to have a personal space or work together in an open space. Likewise, this becomes an innovative working culture that they couldn't engage in other companies.

They call themselves "WeWork Tokyo Community" with various members like BK Japan Holdings, JTB, Mitsui & Co, NTT Communications, Yahoo Japan Corporation, and also SoftBank Corp.

Interactive Working Ambiance

Once again, this theory will create an interactive and flexible working atmosphere. The seats are plenty, with electrical outlets and pantry for those who want to have a snack or drink.

Moreover, every user might access the application to cope up with the current trend and engaging events that are too good to be missed. Only in 6 weeks, a worker might meet more than 100 new people. The business potency is wide open.

Let's see how the employee of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) could commence the business partnership with two or three people from those who work in the same space.

With the dynamic working system, the information is being transferred one another instantly. There are no more boundaries like in the conventional office. Moreover, this wouldn't happen if an employee works in his own office. A privilege, right?

Push Aside the Boredom

In addition, those who choose to work from office-sharing have been experiencing the conventional office back then. But, they only felt boredom that becomes an obstacle for their productivity.

Meanwhile, at WeWork, they are involved directly in a new form of interaction. WeWork answers this challenge and adds more branches to other cities in Japan.

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Servcorp Limited's Office-Sharing

Not only WeWork, but another player in this concept is also Servcorp Limited. The Australian-headquartered company already established 15 office-sharing spaces in Japan. The members come from various nationality and profession.

Most noteworthy, the concept is open space that allowed anyone to sit anywhere they like. Also, the working activity is unlimited just like the conventional office. Meeting room and conference call facilities are provided.

The member could choose the membership package differently according to the needs. Moreover, they can choose the facility suitably.

Blink, Also Tries the Modern Idea

Another company who also tries the modern office concept is Blink. They opened the first branch at Roppongi last June. Compared to the two companies above, Blink introduced a more global concept.

The member could enjoy the open patio and conduct the event both inside and outside. Also, they will be spoiled with Roppongi Hills view and appealing coffee.

Also, they provide a translator, interpreter, accountant, legal, to social media service. Hence, they emphasize the synergy of many people from across industries. Above all, the ambiance is similar to the international working atmosphere.

So, perhaps for you who feel bored with the conventional working system, try this office-sharing idea. Who knows by doing that, you will achieve more innovative ideas.

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