Feeling Uncertain? Here’s How to Pick Between Two Awesome Candidates



Oct 27, 2018

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Can't help to ease the confusion of determining the best talent on the market to join your company is one challenging task. But what if the situation is the opposite? Perhaps when there are two best candidates but there is only one position possible.

Most noteworthy, both candidates have similar capabilities, complementing each other. But once again, it doesn't mean that the company could accept them at the same time.

How to Choose One of Them?

First of all, the HR team is worth the appreciation because they could deduce two amazing candidates. In accordance with that, it might relate to the influence of engaging job

So, when the task is to pick one between two great candidates, it's time to ask some of the questions below. Hence, the answers from the questions will enlighten you which candidate is suitable for the company.

Determine the Needs

As a person who is influential in decision-making, certainly, you might be juggling between the overlapping capabilities of the candidates. So, it's time for you to look further in detail while determining the qualified talents.

Also, determine the needs of the company. Ask yourself: "What is the core necessity of the company?" Let's say one of them has more talents but on the other hand, the other one has a unique working background in the past.

Hence, adjusting the company needs with the candidate will accommodate you in attaining which person is the one. Thus, see in a larger context to portray their presence within the company.

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Consider the Career Path

Besides the short-term implication of the new employee, it's also important to consider the career path of the candidate. Furthermore, see how the candidate could work effectively both individually or in teamwork.

The working effectiveness could be the essential pointer for the company in deciding the verdict. As a matter of fact, the company will treat the candidate as the long-term asset. Also, pay the concern to which candidate will impress the boss the most.

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Do the "Beer Test"

The compatibility between the employee and company is not an easy thing. Besides considering a similar target with the company, also analyze how they would evolve everyday around you.

There are enormous things to be taken into your consideration. Let's say the working culture that would be different each other and the track record from the previous company.

"Beer Test" is the kind of question that you might ask yourself, will you feel comfortable drinking beer with him after work? Furthermore, this indicator could be one of the deliberations before accepting a candidate.

Indeed, the "Beer Test" isn't always about the beer. It's more about the social interview and how they interact with others.

Remember the Two-Way Interaction

Once you've succeeded in choosing one of the two candidates, please keep in mind that it's not only them who demands to work with you, but it also runs either way. Thus, make sure that your chosen candidate get an appealing offer.

Definitely, with the best talent and capability, the employee candidate deserves the proper compensation. Also, don't hold it too long while finding the answer because they would be the most-wanted target in the job market. Hence, give your valid and realistic offer prior to investing to the valuable asset.

Similarly, respect the candidate who isn't chosen by giving the clear explanation. Plus, give your gratitude for his effort in following the recruitment process so far. Eventually, the company must understand how urgent is talent pipeline

Finally, the privilege of choosing one between the two candidates means that you've earned the best of the best. Whether it's the talent, capability, social skill, until the pleasure moments with the candidate after work.

By answering some questions above, you will get the best candidate, and won't regret the decision.

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