How to Tell the Candidate they don’t Get the Job



Oct 11, 2018

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After the long recruitment process, you, as the person responsible for the process have two things to do. First, you need to inform the front-runner that they pass the whole test and will be hired. There is no problem with this.

Second, you need to inform other candidates that have gone through everything that they don’t get the job. This is one of the most dreading parts of the whole process. How are you going to deliver the news? Delivering such news can be awkward, but if you manage to do it professionally and at the same time deliver constructive feedback, it will leave a positive impact to the candidate’s career as well as the employer brand.

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Be prepared to deliver the news with these tips:

Deliver the News Immediately

The candidates spend a lot of time to update their resume, writing cover letter, and following the entire test. They deserve the consideration for getting an immediate reply.

Do not make the candidates spend weeks wondering about it. What most companies didn’t realize that by doing this they actually losing out the future candidate, especially if the candidate was great. Treat them with respect by delivering the news as soon as you get the result.

Parameter for Discussion

Let the candidate knows that the decision is final and it is not a matter of discussion. This will help the discussion to proceed in a constructive manner and didn’t turn into a debate.

Stay Positive and Point out the Selection Criteria

No one wants to hear negative comment about themselves. While delivering the news, do not give comments about where this particular candidate falls out. It means, do not speak about the candidate’s failure in the past.

Focus on the selection criteria. The job description must have a long list of desired experiences and skill. If this particular candidate lack of a particular experience or skill, let them know about.

For example, the job requires someone with enough experience in creating a plan to increase revenue as well as other experience. The particular candidate has enough experience with the other criteria but not this one. You can say that he or she needs to work more on creating those kinds of planning to be a better fit for a similar position. It will be so much better than saying that another candidate’s skill matches your need more closely.

Help the Candidate with their Future

Point out the candidate’s strength and where they excel at. You also can help by giving some advice on the things they can do to improve their skill. By doing it, you will help the candidates to grow while at the same time leave the impression of a professional employer.

Build a Professional Relationship with the Candidate

While this particular candidate is the not the perfect fit for the job, but he is great and he may be the kind of person that will do perfectly for another role that is not available this time. Build a professional relationship with this person and stay in touch. This way, if you have a job opening that fits with this person, you already know who to call and save the trouble on performing another recruitment process.

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