Millennials Generation, the Risk Taker in Working



Oct 10, 2018

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It's no longer a secret that the stigma of go-on-the-spree generation is entitled to millennials. In fact, despite all the stigma placed on them, they have the capabilities that would be beneficial for the company who gained their loyalty.

We have published the article on how to attract millennials to work with you. Furthermore, within the next decade in 2025, they will dominate 75 percent of the world's workforce.

Millennials and the Modern Signature Style

Don't just imagine the working ambiance designated to the cubicles and monotonous working rhythm. In contrary, when millennials work in a company, they will surpass all the past style and adapt the non-conventional one.

Consequently, they are the risk-taker and won't settle in the comfort zone. Instead of relishing the current concept, they won't have any doubt to be distinctive and unique.

Remember how the movie "Her" portrayed the working scheme in the office? Everything was dominated by millennials, the employees who were born in1982 to 2003. Also, the lead actor, Theodore Twombly, fell in love with the operating system called Samantha.

In this movie, it's described how the millennials' value applied in all society aspect of life. Certainly, connecting it to the reality, the twist part was it might be a common thing to see how millennials could easily spend dollars only for the avocado toast or other hype organic healthy meals. Similarly, both in a movie or real life, the situation is similar.

Job-Hopping? Not Necessarily

There is another stigma to the millennials that they tend to do the job-hopping from one company to another company. However, Pew Research Center in their research last year revealed the opposite fact.

In January 2016, there were 63,4 percent millennials who have been working in a company for more than 5 years. The higher education they gained, the longer the probability to stay.

Within the next years, when the millennials have been controlling the decision-making positions, we will see the difference compared to the Baby Boomers generation.

Also, still from the research of Pew Research Center titled "How Millennials today compare with their grandparents 50 years ago", it could be seen that millennials workforce will have the various backgrounds.

Finally, from those two facts, we can conclude that millennials generation also possess the loyalty to the company. Furthermore, they could also compromise the difference in the working field and resemble the solution to supervise it.

No Doubt

For millennials, there is nothing such as waiting for the right time in their dictionary. Now, is always the right time. They are seldom practicing the doubtful decisions. That's why they could be the real decision maker. However, if the decisions are wrong, they would take the consequence.

Hence, similar to the values from the preceding generations, millennials also concede the success keys that requiring soft skills, such as the ability to build the relationship, to collaborate with others, and to communicate greatly.

Make the Most of It

Hence, it seems unnecessary to keep on analyzing the difference and comparing the stigma on them. Millennials have working performance that deserves the thumbs up. Moreover, they also have the bigger probability due to the flexibility and openness.

Furthermore, let's count to the data that millennials will rule the productive age, that's why the company needs to set the eye on them. In the US, from the data released by the US Census Bureau, in 2020, there will be 99 percent of the population dominated by millennials above 18 years old. Moreover, 36 percent of them will be in the productive age to work.

Thus, the company's task is to enrich the channel for them to sense the urge to stay and dedicate both their time and capability. Just imagine, the study from Intelligence Group showed that almost 64 percent of millennials will choose to gain $40,000 a year from the job they love rather than $100,000 a year from the boring job.

So, it's crystal clear momentarily of how the millennials will be the precious assets for the company until the upcoming decades, especially within this changing era. Don't get fooled of their lavish lifestyle, look further to the talents beyond.

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