How to Attract Millennial to Work with You



Oct 7, 2018

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Excuse me, Baby Boomers generation. Please give your way to Millennials generation. As by now, the portion of productive age in this world is dominated by millennials enrolling the workforce industry. In contrary, unlike other generations with their own talent, millennials have their own capability to be granted to the company.

So, we are now conceding one thing for sure: that the millennial is holding the biggest workforce segment in all countries. Furthermore, if the situation shifts like this, the company really requires to know how to attract them for a prolonged period.

Millennials, the Innovative Generation

It's not a mistake when a company requires the millennials employees as part of their working scheme. Moreover, this generations who already enter the productive age are innovative and passionate when it's about work. They are also expressive in addressing what they perceive.

Perhaps at a glance, millennials are considered just merely the tech-savvy people and very clever in having fun. But don't be mistaken; behind it all, they have the marvelous talents.

The next question would be, how HR could attract them to join the squad? Moreover, they are selective and won't just join a company for the sake of money. You'll find out the answer in this article.

Also, another appealing fact is that Elance-oDesk and Millennial Branding once conducted research in 2015. The result showed 53 percent of hiring managers faced difficulty in recruiting millennials for their company.

Was it enough? Not necessarily. The next difficulty is how to preserve the millennials to work in the company for a long period of time.

So, it's time to get up and discover the ways how to attract the millennials to join your company.

Clear Core Value

Sometimes a company, even the long-established one, couldn't describe the core value of the company. In fact, the company value is one of the considerations of the potential candidate before deciding to join the company.

Let's see how Google explain their core value clearly with no bias. No wonder if Google built a superstar team Hence, Google set the focus in communicating the career page and social profile requiring people with high curiosity and drive to learn.

That's what millennials crave to notice. Similarly, they want to know what impact they could bring by joining the company. Furthermore, if the company succeeded in showing the core value clearly, millennials will come closer in the first place.

Career Growth

It's not always about the recruitment and employee regeneration within a company. Moreover, the career growth is also important to attract the millennials in joining the squad.

Most noteworthy, you must show that the company really prepares their career growth in detail. Who loves certainty? Perhaps everyone needs it.

Moreover, from the statistic of Deloitte Millennial Survey in 2016, millennial would stay in a company for less than 2 years! The reason? Because they don't feel like the company is investing in them with a specific career growth.

Hence, it's important to show them that the company also thinks about their growth. Also, you can conduct the training suitable for their career and involve them in the conference or workshop or important projects.

Whenever a millennial employee considers the company has been investing a lot in him, the career and loyalty will be developed thoroughly.

Work-Life Balance

As time goes by, the employee will favor a kind of work that is suitable to their lifestyle, not conversely. Moreover, in this digital era, whereas no limitation between real and digital life. Perhaps, your employee comes to the office and stays on the desk for the whole day, but he is not merging into the present situation, due to the Internet distraction. And also, any other distractions.

What could be the solution, then? Most importantly, be the company that offers a work-life balance. This balance is really important to make them relax and don't feel like trapped in an office from 9 to 5.

Besides the best way to improve employee satisfaction , the company also needs to follow the trend as a gesture to adapt and assure the millennials employee will feel comfortable.

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Another appealing strategy to attract the millennials is by giving the unlimited vacation policy, certainly with terms and conditions about the duties. Furthermore, this strategy would make them hard to resist because the company they are enrolling really respects the work-life balance.

When a company conducts the three strategies mentioned above, definitely the millennials generation will be attracted to work for your company - and for a long period, definitely.

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