Experiencing Hiring Difficulty? Find out the Reason and the Solution



Oct 3, 2018

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Do you have hiring difficulties issue? You open up job vacancies for some time and the number of applicants is too small for your liking. Or, there could be hundreds of applicants but none that meet the qualification.

Hiring difficulties have become a hot topic recently because other industries around the world are having the same problem. But what is the real cause of this issue and how do people deal with this problem.

The Reason for Hiring Difficulties

What could be the reason that makes employee find it so hard to fill an open position in their company?

There could be a couple of reasons, including:

The unrealistically high expectation for the candidates

Set up a high bar for the candidate is a good thing. It will ensure that anyone who managed to get the position is someone who is really qualified and good at what they do. But there are times that the manager set up an unrealistically high expectation. They expect the candidate to be really good at everything. In reality, it is almost impossible to find such a perfect candidate.

A mismatch in the skills candidates haves and firms want

There is also the fact that candidates didn’t have the skills the firms want. It could happen because of the high and unrealistically expectation from the firm, or because the candidates are lack of the job-specific skill, experience, or education.

Low unemployment rate

The low unemployment rate will lead to small size applicant pool. In a couple of countries, the rate of unemployed people has dropped quite significantly, which means there are fewer people who are in need of a job. While on the other hand, there is a high job opening which makes it a dilemma.

Solutions for Hiring Difficulties

Hiring difficulties could lead to other issues. The company has to keep the job vacancies open longer, which could be costly. It also will burden the current staff member since they have to work extra to fill the responsibilities from the open position.

In the same time, the recruiter could lose patience and end up hiring too fast. This could lead to having someone who doesn’t really fit with the job, which could make things worse.

What can people do about it?

- Consider the current hiring system. If the current system still uses manual applicant tracking system, consider changing into an automated system. Evaluate the system, make the necessary changes, or even consider using a different hiring system which could be more effective than the current one.

- Evaluate the recruitment process. Create a fixed recruitment process to establish a consistent path to successful hiring. Allocate enough time during the hiring process from interviewing and vetting the candidates, in order to find the right one.

- Be more creative to make sure people will fill the open position. Increase compensation both in salary or non-salary compensation. Offer something that the competitor doesn’t. Giving something to the candidate that the competitor doesn’t’ have will help greatly not only in attracting new talent but also to retain talent and keep them on board.

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