AI-driven recruiting software to simplify
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The No1 AI-driven recruiting software platform in Asia, designed to discover qualified candidates and make data-driven hiring decisions for companies of all sizes.

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Powerful Recruiting Software

Centralize your hiring efforts through unified platform, enabling you to strategically drive recruitment.

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  • - Social media analysis
  • - Resume analysis
  • - Competency analysis
  • - AI-driven scoring
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  • - Unified ATS
  • - Email drop integration
  • - Candidate recommendation
  • - Real-time hiring reports
  • - Easily manage interviews
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Simplified UI

  • - Easy-to-use
  • - Customizable access control
  • - Email approval for offers
  • - Customized score cards for

Easy & efficient prospect analysis

TalentMind utilizes artificial intelligence to enable recruiters and human resource professionals to effortlessly discover the right candidate for any role. Easily develop custom hiring models that are optimized in real-time to suit your unique business needs.

Easy & efficient prospect analysis
Streamline your interview process

Streamline your interview process

Drive an end-to-end recruiting process with ease. TalentMind takes care of the mundane and repetitive work, minimalizing manual effort so that you can spend more time doing activities that matter.

Our Advisor  |  Masayasu Morita

Masayasu Morita

Our Advisor
  |  Masayasu Morita

Masayasu Morita provides supervision for the AI engine driving TalentMind.

Morita is CEO and founder of Hitomedia, Inc., CEO and founder of Hitotoki Incubator, Inc., and sits on the board of several technology companies, including Classi Corp, Open8 Inc., and EnglishCentral, Inc.

Morita also holds a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) from the University of Cambridge, and Master of Education (Ed.M.) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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